Reader Question and AnswersFirst, a big thank you to Aeicha, Donna, and Mel for the awesome Crest reviews on their blogs. :)

You can read them here: Word Spelunking | Book Passion for Life

I’ve received several common reader questions about Crest and my answers are below.

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead. I highly recommend you avoid this post if you haven’t read Crest yet.


Q: Any release date on Breaker?

A: Other than to say it will be released sometime in 2014, I have no date yet. This is the epic finale. I’m really going to hold back on announcing any kind of date until I’m 100% sure it will be ready.

Q: Any release date on Ondine?

A: Not yet, though it’ll likely be some time near the end of November or December. I’m in the middle of planning another huge international move with my husband, so things are a bit crazy right now. But it will be out by the end of this year.

Q: So who’s the Shadow? A hint, a clue? Something? Anything? Please, please, please? Etc.

A: There are two things I will mention. First, Breaker starts exactly at the moment Crest ends so you’ll get your answer right at the beginning.

Second, the larger series arc and plot points were all planned before I began writing the first book. Clues and details are there from Whirl.

And that’s all I’ll say about that. :)

Q: Why did Julian do what he did?

A: This is a complicated question to answer. Like everyone, Julian is a result of his past experiences, his surroundings and education, and his choices.

He has always pushed the line, a trait our heroine deeply relates to. But Kendra has grown, whereas Julian has yet to find his way forward. In this case, he stepped too far. For Kendra, he crossed her line in the sand.

Can they resolve their friendship? Well, you’ll have to wait until Breaker to find out.

Q: Is Jourdain the Ondine from the poem at the beginning of Whirl?

A: Yes. Jourdain’s story is based on Whirl’s epigraph, the poem that partially inspired the series.

Q: Is Crest coming out in paperback soon? And will you be doing any signed copies/giveaways?

A: Yes. Paperback version is coming very soon. I’ll announce on the blog, website, Facebook, and Twitter when they’re available. I’ll also do some kind of giveaway once it’s released.

Q: Will you do a Tristan POV for scenes from Crest? Especially the cave scene?

A: I’m not sure yet. If you want to read it, let me know (message/comment/tweet/etc.). Depending on whether there’s enough interest, I’ll think about doing it, probably by tying it in with a separate event.

Any more questions? Feel free to ask them below. I’ll try to answer a few more before closing comments.

Thanks, everyone – I’ve loved reading your messages. I’m just thrilled and delighted you’re enjoying Crest. :)

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13 Responses to Reader Q and A: Crest

  1. YES! to extras from tristan’s POV – always yes! lol
    I have a questions relating to the Armicant… Why was Kendra’s blood the only way to stop the spear killing the Armicant, did that mean the Armicant is related to her by blood or that the maker of the spear was her blood and that is how she could do it?? Did the Shadow make the weapon? Does that mean he is Kendra’s ancestor?? If the Armicant made the Shadows weapons, how did the selkies not know? Won’t he have needed permission to be there like Ansel did?

    • emma emma says:

      Great questions!

      1. Kendra’s ancestor (through her father’s lineage) was the one who made the spear. It was the weapons maker written about in the legends from the south of France, the boy who found and raised the Armicant.

      2. Therefore, yes. Kendra was the only one who could break the spear’s magic because she is related by blood to the person who made it.

      3. No. The Shadow is not, in any way or form, related to Kendra.

      4. The Armicant made the Shadow’s knife before the start of the war, even before it began making kouperets. The Shadow was angry at Jourdain and her creation of the ondine race. It went to the Armicant and asked for several blades. The Armicant was clueless as to what it would be used for. The Shadow then corrupted the blades to make his own children as a form of twisted revenge against Jourdain.

      The war began. The Armicant attempted to balance things by gifting selkies with the Elemental brand – first through their pedaillon and later through the creation of the kouperet blade (which helped the demillir race fight).

      5. Selkies did not know the Armicant created the reproductive tool for the Shadow for two reasons. Number one: Its interaction with the Shadow took place way before the Armicant took up residence in the Selkie Kingdom.
      Number two: The Armicant is very, very reluctant to volunteer information (as you saw in Crest). Until the events of Billow, no one in the elemental world really knew how Aquidae were turned. Kendra was the first to witness the ceremonial blade used and therefore was the first to directly ask the Armicant about it.

  2. Lilly Kuhnert says:

    Amazing, amazing book! I can’t wait for the next one in the series

  3. Megan says:

    Love your books! Crest was amazing! Definitely would love to read Tristan’s POV! :)

  4. I adore the Ondine Quartet!!! I would absolutely LOVE to have a Tristan POV for the cave scene…pretty please??? :)

  5. Nancy C says:

    Tristan POV HELL YES EMMA!!!! or, just write another warrior prince, im with it,.

  6. tessa says:

    I’m pretty sure my skin is on fire just thinking about a Tristan POV!! But in a good way, so yes please! I love being in his head :) Love this series!!