I promised all of you an update at the end of March so here it is.

I wanted to provide a more exact release date at this point, but I’m behind on where I want to be for Crest. It’s a big story, bigger than I expected, and one that is deeply entwined with the final book (and end of the series). I’ve been working like crazy, but I clearly had unrealistic expectations on when I’d be able to release it.

I’m shooting for a tentative release of Crest in July/August.

There are a few things coming up that hopefully will make the wait a bit easier. Cover and blurb reveal will happen on this blog on April 17th. I can’t WAIT for you to see the gorgeous cover – Michelle once again did such stunning work! I’m madly in love with it. :) Please stop by on that date and feel free to share the image below:



Crest is also now on Goodreads (and thank you to whoever set it up!). I’m also planning a bunch of fun things as we get closer to release, including a few behind-the-scenes posts here on the blog. I’ll begin posting teasers on my social media accounts in June/July. Book trailer will premiere a week or two prior to release.

I know you guys are waiting and I apologize if I haven’t responded yet to your messages/emails. Please know I’m working hard to complete the second half of Kendra’s journey the best way I can. :)

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3 Responses to On Crest

  1. […] current estimated release date is July/August. Please see this blog post for further details on approximate release […]

  2. Jess says:

    I’m glad you posted something, I was begining to worry about you!

    • emma emma says:

      aww, thanks Jess! Don’t worry, I’m still here :) Just channeling every spare moment and energy I have toward this novel. I’ll start popping back online once my insane schedule eases up a bit.