Proper Use of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

maxresdefaultgIt is known that human chorionic gonadotropin, better known as HCG, is a hormone produced in the placenta of a pregnant woman. It supports the normal development of the embryo inside the mother’s womb. It also functions in releasing the egg during ovulation. Men are also treated with HCG in order to increase their sperm count. It can cause normal sexual development by releasing testosterone from the testes.

To treat infertility in both men and women, HCG is given as an injection in the skin or in the muscle. It is advised that this procedure be done by a physician or a healthcare expert to avoid any infection or complication. If the hormone is injected in the wrong place then side effects (such as blood clots, numbness, and severe headache) could be triggered. One should immediately consult a doctor if any of those symptoms manifest. In some cases, women experience Ovarian Hyper stimulation Syndrome or OHSS. This happens when hormones are excessively being produced, causing the ovary to be swollen. Swollen ovaries can cause excessive weight gain, shortness of breath, and vomiting.

In order to prevent complications in using HCG, men and women are advised to follow guidelines in the proper way of injecting it. Also, before using HCG, it is important to know if one has any allergic reactions. A doctor must first be consulted if a person has a disease like ovarian cyst, epilepsy, cancer, or any heart- and kidney-related problems. Using HCG under such circumstances can cause complications instead of bringing benefits. If one is already pregnant, then there is no need to take in the hormone since it can cause birth defects.

hcgThe human chorionic gonadotropin hormone can be self-injected if it is to be used on a regular basis. Doctors can prescribe the right amount and the number of times that it needs to be injected. Through this method, disposable needles are to be used only once and should be discarded in a puncture-proof container. Different brands of HCG are available in the pharmacy. Some are in powder form that needs to be mixed with a separate liquid. If this is to be used, the right amount of powder and liquid should be taken note of to avoid overdose. The instructions are usually included in the kit. If there are any changes in color, then the mixture should immediately be discarded. Unmixed HCG formulas should be stored in room temperature, keeping it away from both moisture and heat. Mixed formulas are to be kept in the refrigerator to avoid contamination.

A person using HCG injections should not miss a dose as prescribed by the doctor. Overdose is not expected to result in any life threatening situation, but it is still important to follow the dosage that was recommended.

There are a lot of approaches in taking HCG. Still, a 6-week long therapy of HCG treatment is most commonly advised. It can also be as long as a one year therapy – it all depends on the prescription of the doctor. Its dosage ranges from 500-1,000 IU of HCG, taken three times weekly for a period of three weeks. For long-term therapy, higher dosages are administered to the patient. These are just some of the usual methods that are used to treat infertility. It can always change depending on the medical condition and history of the patient.

Harmful effects of using human chorionic gonadotropin injections and medications can be prevented as long as one follows the correct dosage. It should always be accompanied by a healthy diet and regular exercise for the sake of maintaining a fit and healthy body.